Black is black

Today it's one of these days. Do you know this feeling?

You wake up with a feeling of "please don't let anyone talk to me" or maybe the sensation of "Yes! today is THE day". Have you ever noticed how these feelings affect how we dress, the colors we choose, and the items we decide to wear?


Well, ladies, Here it is, black over white; we are seriously affected by our hormones and brain chemicals- so much more than we think! But worry not. We all go through a flux of emotions during the day.

The colors we wear helps us to express the woman we are today, but they can defiantly affect our emotions and mind.


For the days you feel dramatic or introverted, Black may be what you choose to wear. Black is the absence of color as if you want to disappear for a while, but actually, it can give us an elegant look. I love having a complete color outfit to enhance whatever I feel, for example, wearing a mermaid skirt with a turtleneck collar top.


Oh yes! Wearing Red, you are ready to be seen! The color of passion connects to our lower chakras, giving us a sensation of deep connection to the life force of creation, courage, and action. Fire red color means "watch out," and the darker red color is a more mysterious fire. Whenever a woman exits my boutique in a festival with a red goddess wraparound dress or an Asymmetric flamenco skirt, I know she will get much attention - are you ready for that?


Are you having a peaceful Shanti day? Connect to your inner peace, harmony, purity, and divinity. White is a great color to wear if you are in your healing process, preparing for a ceremony, or a special night. Often as a designer, I love suggesting an all-white combination of a long flowy white skirt with a matching lace top or even a tunic dress.


Connect at the heart of things, combining the brown of the earth with the blue of the sky and pointing to the sacred center within. Turquoise helps us to elevate value and a sense of magic. It is considered a "live" color and pretty unique in our day-to-day life. It is also a color that beautifully matches all skin colors. You can find a dark shade of Turquoise in many of my designs, as I'm clearly in love with it! And daily, I wear both Yoga pants and a Dancing skirt in this color