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LILYOM welcomes fashion in action!

Promotes a new world of joy and freedom that honors a woman's beauty. We strive for WOMANITY, our word for the latest women's era. A time to live and reveal women's beauty in motion, anytime and anywhere.

Our fashion is detailed and fully designed by women for women, using the best flexible breathing materials. Movement-wear that accompanies you all day long. From the workplace to the street, the studio, or the dance class. Take us to your vacation, festival, and party!

With LILYOM, you can move comfortably between spaces,
and feel free


Welcome to the era of Womanity
Einat Ran


Slow fashion makers

Making timeless fashion takes time when done in an ethical, eco-friendly way. Choosing high-quality natural fabrics and suitable production allays alongside producing in small quantities are critical ingredients in making our dream come true of creating LILYOM. 

It took us quite some time to find the family factory we have worked with for the past five years in a small village in Rajasthan, India. Ensure fair and ethical conditions for all the men and women working there.

Small scale production

Making production on a small scale allows us to avoid entirely disposing of garments, as this is a global issue that many large fashion manufacturers are dealing with. We prefer working with year-round collections instead of seasonal collections, as we make many studio-wear items for our customers who enjoy wearing them all year long. If we hear a big HURRRAYY from our customers, we'll keep making that model, and if it's not getting any love, we'll run a super sale and finish it. That way, we can avoid excessive quantities and waste of energy.

The fabrics

All the fabrics we work with are flowy, breezy, and delightful to wear all day (and all night). Choosing high-quality natural Viscose and Cotton made the difference in our all-day wear fashion. The fabrics hug the body, highlighting its virtues, and empowering a sense of femininity and flow. Our mission is for women to feel at home in their bodies, feeling joy and freedom in their movement in life.

Eco-friendly - love our mother earth

Industries can make a difference waste-wise, and it's in our hands to deal with recycling and upcycling. That is why we aspire to recycle 100% of our wrapping received from the factory and ship out garments to our customers wrapped in upcycled fabric bags stitched from colorful sarees and shipped out in a 100% biodegradable bag.

True to our hearts

LILYOM was established as an aspiration to enrich the world with feminine beauty. Yoga and dance are second nature to us; that is why our fashion is meant for movement while feeling comfortable and feminine. It's not a mainstream fashion; we wish our customers feel empowered and confident in their uniqueness.